Spiritual Life

Mountain Christian school is a place where you can learn more about Jesus Christ and grow closer in your personal relationship with God as well as our role as stewards for God.

At Mountain Christian School we encourage our learners to engage in the Spiritual life at our school, whether it is in Bible class, during chapel or through or programs offered at our school. We strive to create a safe and respectful environment in which students feel comfortable to ask questions and to seek answers regarding God and his role in our lives. Our wish is for every student to encounter God’s grace, mercy and love during each school year.


Christian Leadership Conference

“It was such a blessing to connect with other students from the Christian family as well as bond with each other. ”
– Quote, Gr. 10 student

"I loved how I got to have challenging conversations that will guide my thinking and decision-making in future. There is everlasting value in standing strong in my faith."
- Quote, Gr.11 student

Our grade 10-12 students get to attend an annual Christian Leadership conference in either Alberta or British Columbia. Here they attend lectures, worship, pray as well as connect with students from other Christian schools.


Chapel leads to tough conversations about topics which affect our students every day. We seek to lead our students in their faith-journey to stand strong in who they are as well as their relationship with God. Worship is lead by staff as well as our student leadership band.



Annual Christmas Concert

Christmas is a time for us to celebrate the miracle of Christ. This is also a time at Mountain Christian School during which our teachers and students work hard to put together two concerts – one for K-6, and one for grades 7-12 – during which we get to experience our student’s passion and love for Jesus Christ. This is showcased through song, dance, music, skits and poetry.