Applying to Post Secondary

Are you planning to attend a Post-Secondary Institution next fall? Make sure you have all of the required credits! Check the Grad Planner from the BC Ministry of Education to see the requirements
for graduation.

Credits and Courses

If you are able, you should aim to complete a minimum of four 4 credit academic courses in grade 12. The reason for this is that some university’s expectations exceed BC graduation requirements. Be sure to check the admission requirements for your college or university of choice at the beginning of the school year, so that you can be prepared!

We offer English, Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Writing and History for our grade 12 academic credits. Art, P.E., Bible, Music and Tech, although not considered ‘academic’ courses, are still vital parts of your education. This is especially true if you are considering a career path in any of the arts (music, digital design, writing, painting), kinesiology (PE) or are planning on attending a Bible college.



Colleges and Universities require a copy of your official transcript in order to process your application to their school. The Ministry of Education provides you with an opportunity to have your transcripts automatically sent to the institutions of your choice for free. This is an online process that is limited in time.

This is the only time that your transcripts will be available free of charge. After the given deadlines you will be charged for EACH transcript you require and will need to deliver the transcripts on your own. The Post Secondary Institution Selections Form is now available online. This electronic form should only be submitted by students who expect to graduate this year and are applying to a Post Secondary School.

Students access the online form by logging into the Student Secure Web (SSW) site and click the “Post-Secondary Institutions Selections” menu option. Students who do not yet have a SSW account will need to create one prior to gaining access to the necessary forms.

All students in BC can make an account using their PEN – the nine digit number located at the top of each report card.

Students’ Post Secondary selections must be submitted by April 29 for interim transcript information to be forwarded to BC and Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) institutions for early admission. For final transcript information to be sent to Post Secondary Institutions by July 31, students must submit their school selections by June 30. In addition to the BC Electronic PSI option and the OUAC Electronic PSIs option in Section 1 of the form, students may submit a maximum of six selections.

Requests to send transcripts to additional PSIs can be made for a fee by completing a Transcript Request Form available from the BC Ministry of Education.

If a desired institution is not listed, students may contact the StudentTranscripts Service to inquire about whether it might be added.

After submitting their selections, students will receive a printable confirmation page for reference purposes. At any point in time, students can log back into SSW and view their selections by using the “View PSI Selections” menu option. PSI selections submitted by mid-May will appear on the Transcript Verification Reports that are scheduled to be posted on May 20.

The Ministry of Education has launched online Transcript and Certificate Ordering. British Columbia secondary school graduates may now order their transcript and/or graduation certificates online.

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