Junior School

For Junior school we have the following teachers:
Mrs. S. Raymus – Grade 4
Grade 5: Mrs. H. Ashwe
Grade 6: Ms. M. Short
Grade 7: Mr. S. Roszmann

Junior school at MCS provides a loving caring and safe environment for our students. Our students benefit from well educated, informed and dedicated teachers and support staff. Our goal is to impact students in the core areas of communication, personal awareness and responsibility, positive personal and cultural identity, social responsibility, creative thinking, and critical thinking from a Christian perspective. Digital literacy is another component of our Junior School, which prepare students for a technological world. Our students use Chromebooks to build digital skills, access information, and learn to communicate and collaborate. We also provide our students with the opportunity and tools to develop their personal strengths. Our junior students can discover their creative side by expressing themselves through art, music and drama. Spanish is another language offered at MCS. In our Bible program students will learn about God’s word, scripture, prayer, the books of the Bible and how to care for others.

Students are encouraged to join track and field, soccer, basketball and croquet. 

At MCS we also offer outdoor education trips and guest presenters offer unique learning experiences.  Some of our highlights are a trip to Edmonton and Science World as well as camping at Camp Sagitawa.

Parent involvement is encouraged, with parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities throughout the year as well as interactive discussions with the teachers using CLASSDOJO.