When your child joins us at MCS, they will receive a quality education that adheres to the highest standards, as well as a spiritual foundation to empower further growth.



Grades 1-12


At Mountain Christian School, we are committed to the academic, personal, social, physical and spiritual development of every child at every level. Grow with us!



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Please use the following link to apply for one of the following scholarships:

  • Annual Tuition Scholarship
  • Trades & Dual Credit Scholarship
  • Cont. Christian Education Scholarship
  • Post Secondary Scholarship


Tuition & Fees

Tuition 2023-2024

At Mountain Christian School (MCS), we believe in providing high-quality education while ensuring affordability for our families. To sustain our commitment to excellence, we receive 50% of the Government per-student grant, and therefore, our families agree to pay monthly tuition. We understand that financial circumstances may vary, and we strive to accommodate families facing financial constraints. 

K- Grade 3 $170 / month
Grades 4 - 6 $200 / month
Grades 7 - 12 $250 / month
2nd+ Child Rate $150 / month
Family Rate $600 / month

Note: All tuition paid is eligible for a tax receipt.

Tuition assistance program

To support lower-income families, MCS has implemented a procedure that allows them to apply for tuition fee discounts. The specific discount amounts are outlined in the table below: 

Annual Household Income        Discount Percentage 
Less than $30,000  75% 
$30,000 - $50,000  50% 
$50,000 - $70,000  25% 

We respect the privacy of our families and ensure that all financial information provided during the application process remains confidential. We aim to make a Mountain Christian School education accessible to families from diverse economic backgrounds while maintaining our commitment to academic excellence. 

Please note that families interested in applying for tuition fee discounts can contact our administration office for more information and to obtain the necessary application forms. We are dedicated to working with families individually and compassionately to find suitable financial solutions that allow all students to thrive within our educational community. 

Supply & Book Fees

  • Alpha Campus: An annual supply fee of $25.00 per student. 
  • Omega Campus: An annual supply fee of $50.00 per student. 

Additional items that a child needs for school are as follows:  

Alpha Campus: 

  • Indoor non-marking gym shoes
  • Backpack and lunch kit 

Omega Campus 

  • Indoor non-marking gym shoes 
  • Backpack and Lunch kit 
  • Binder for homework 

Registration Fees

There is a $50 annual, non-refundable fee that is due with application (per family).

Bussing Rates 2023-2024

District Rural Bus + District Transfer $55 / month
MCS In-Town Bus $55 / month
Maximum Family Bussing Rate $160 / month

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