Little School

Welcome to Little School!

Your teachers for the 2020/2021 school year are:

  • Mrs. K. Lizotte – Head of Little School & Grade 1 Teacher
  • Mrs. M. Thomsen – Kindergarten
  • Mrs. J. Leachman – Kindergarten/Grade 1
  • Mrs. M. Babak - Grade 2
  • Mrs. L. Schlamp – Grade 2/3
  • Ms. S. Poulin – Grade 3

The primary program is the foundation for learning at Mountain Christian School. In K-Grade 3 we foster a caring environment where we strive to meet the individual needs of each child.  We employ a phonics-based approach to literacy. Children learn to identify letter sounds and then blend letter sounds to read words, sentences and books!  We collaborate with our parents/guardians to foster a love for reading. Early numeracy skills are developed with hands on learning activities and manipulatives.  Little School emphasizes the importance of play for young children.  Play allows the children to develop self-regulation and cooperation, problem solving skills and flexible thinking.


Primary School hours: 8:45am–2:45pm

A specialist teaches Spanish, and we also include music, art, daily physical education, and information technology using school-owned devices, such as Chromebooks.

Our VBS program, (Bible School program), under the guidance of our educators, fosters students’ personal relationship with God, development, leadership skills and social awareness.

The school offers extended activities such as outdoor education trips and guest presenters offer unique learning experiences.

Parent involvement is encouraged, with parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities throughout the year as well as using the interactive app CLASSDOJO to communicate with teachers.